Bespoke Double Glazed Windows
Warmth, Security & Comfort Guaranteed

All Windows have Low E, Toughened Glass & Argon filled as Standard
All hardware is German Designed Stainless Steel. Suitable for Coastal areas.

Coming from the UK where uPVC windows are affordable and the main choice for homeowners.  We were shocked at the high cost of double glazing within New Zealand.  After obtaining various expensive quotes to replace the windows of our own home, we decided to search overseas.  The cost savings were considerable even after the shipping costs were added. On returning to New Zealand we were surprised at the interest and the fact that many homeowners wanted double glazing but could not afford it. This is why we decided to form Affordable uPVC Windows Limited. Bringing affordable uPVC double glazing to N.Z.

New zealand compliant
Our German engineered Veka range is fully code compliant and has Codemark Certification.

The CodeMark® Certification Scheme (CodeMark®) is a Building Product Certification Scheme that supports the use of new or innovative products. CodeMark®provides confidence and certainty to regulatory authorities and the market to demonstrate that a building product complies with the National Construction Code (NCC), Volume One and Volume Two. 

(The Scheme operates in both Australia and New Zealand and was developed in Australia by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) and in New Zealand by the New Zealand Department of Building and Housing, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). Code Mark® is suitable for any building product or system, but is beneficial for innovative building products and/or systems. The scheme provides confidence and certainty to regulatory authorities and the market through the issue of a Certificate of Conformity.).

Code Mark is an unchallengeable form of product assurance. Building consent authorities (BCAs, usually councils) must accept a product certificate as evidence of compliance with the Building Code, as long as the product is used in accordance with the use and limitations defined on the certificate.

  • Products are certified against criteria set by building control authorities
  • The scheme is an unchallengeable form of product assurance
  • Clear demonstration that the product meets mandatory compliance requirements
  • Provides opportunity to access the market and offers a marketing advantage


All our windows can be installed by your preferred builder. Or you can use one of our recommended Installers. The choice is yours Affordable Upvc Windows are always available for advice

New Zealand Code Compliance

B1 Structure B2 Durability E2 External Moisture F2 Hazardous Building Materials H1 Energy Efficiency

With or Without Timber Reveals

Suitable for New Build & Refurbishments.

R ValuesR Values
What does the R Value mean
R-Value is the rating system used to grade insulation products or a material's insulating properties. The “R” stands for “resistance” and refers to the resistance a material has to heat flow, or temperature conduction. When a product or home has a high R-Value, this means it is well insulated.

All our windows come with toughened low e glass and argon filled as standard, with an R value in excess of the new amendment to:-
" H1 Energy Efficiency for all Housing & Building's up to 300 m2".

" The Ultimate Energy Efficient Solution"

uPVC – (Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride)


  • uPVC can be recycled up to 10 times which makes it a truly sustainable product. Each time it is recycled it uses only a third of the natural resources of new UPVC and has only a third of the carbon footprint.
  • uPVC insulated window frames are specifically designed to incorporate insulated double glazing
  • uPVC needs virtually no maintenance and normally has a long lifespan can we called windows for Life.
  • uPVC is engineered to handle severe weather
  • uPVC has 57% salt content so is ideal in coastal areas
  • Fusion-welded construction eliminates drafts and water leaks
  • Various glass combinations, combined with the uPVC frame significantly reduce outside noise
  • With 8 part of titanium dioxide, it prevents frames from fading in our harsh climate our windows are designed to last, guaranteed for minimum 10 years.
  • Fusion-welded construction eliminates draft s and water leaks.
  • Various glass combinations, combined with the uPVC frame significantly reduce outside noise.
  • Double glazing will keep the temperature inside your home consistently 22-24˚c year-round without heating or cooling required.
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