New zealand compliant
Our German engineered Veka range is fully code compliant and has Codemark Certification.

The CodeMark® Certification Scheme (CodeMark®) is a Building Product Certification Scheme that supports the use of new or innovative products. CodeMark®provides confidence and certainty to regulatory authorities and the market to demonstrate that a building product complies with the National Construction Code (NCC), Volume One and Volume Two. 

(The Scheme operates in both Australia and New Zealand and was developed in Australia by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) and in New Zealand by the New Zealand Department of Building and Housing, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). Code Mark® is suitable for any building product or system, but is beneficial for innovative building products and/or systems. The scheme provides confidence and certainty to regulatory authorities and the market through the issue of a Certificate of Conformity.).

Code Mark is an unchallengeable form of product assurance. Building consent authorities (BCAs, usually councils) must accept a product certificate as evidence of compliance with the Building Code, as long as the product is used in accordance with the use and limitations defined on the certificate.

  • Products are certified against criteria set by building control authorities
  • The scheme is an unchallengeable form of product assurance
  • Clear demonstration that the product meets mandatory compliance requirements
  • Provides opportunity to access the market and offers a marketing advantage